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There's over 150 members in this community. You all love and support the band and want them to tour near your city, right? I'm asking for your help.

At the Drifters show in Nashua, NH on February 19th, I will be giving the guys a gift. A gas card (so they don't have to pay for gas on tour) and Taco Bell gift certificates (so they don't have to pay for food on tour).

I am asking tHrOnE fans to participate in this. Any size donation would be most appreciated! $2, $5, $10... whatever you can afford. Anyone who donates may also send a message along to the guys.
I want to blow the guys away and impress them!

I originally was not accepting cash, but I will as long as it is concealed well. Cash, money orders or PayPal.

If you would like to help, please email me for more details: LikeSandOnMyFeet@yahoo.com
Or you may leave your email address in the comments and I will send you the rest of the information.

Thanks for your time everyone.
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