nobody important (vixenrock) wrote in throne,
nobody important

This was taken from when I was surfing the tHrOnE website:

Taken from: [12.18.04] - OFF STAGE MAGAZINE
Interview by Andy Harmon

Andy: Have you had a fan do something that was just mind blowing?

Justin: People have gotten like Throne tattoos and stuff so thats pretty cool

Derek: some people just give us money at shows thinking we'd need it

Justin: which we do!

Casey: somebody made this scrapbook for us, which was wicked cool

Justin: It's got like qoutes from all these different people, from all over america and different countries and stuff

Andy: that's awesome.

To the people who helped make the scrap book possible: We were cool enough to be mentioned in an interview. Isn't that neat? Haha.
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